Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021

Stevenson Hosts 450 Debaters; Captures Second Place In Congressional Debate Tournament

While serving as host to nearly 450 debaters at the 2nd Illinois Congressional Debate Association debate tournament last weekend, the Stevenson debate team, pictured above at its award ceremony at the Stadium, rolled to a second-place finish in the large-school sweepstakes.

Stevenson also shared top legislation honors with a bill on lowering the voting age. This bill was written by Nathan James and Sherry Wang.

In individual varsity Chambers, Best Presiding Officer distinction went to Anthony Makhovic, Lindsey Wang, Maddie Wang and Natalie Garayeva. Lindsey Wang, along with Mia Korsunsky, Eshaam Batthad and Samarth Arul, also won first place in Chambers. Second place in Chambers went to Charles Carr and Jesenia Parthasarathy while Maddie Wang and Prachi Gyanmote got third place in Chambers.

In junior varsity chambers, Rishi Jagannath and Shrinidhi Sriraman got second place in Chambers.

Big picture

For Stevenson students, there are a lot of stressors that influence our daily lives and decisions. Every day, students make choices that can influence our health, well-being, and academic life in either a positive or negative way. “What’s Your Why?” is a campaign created by Catalyst, a club in which Stevenson students choose to live a drug-free lifestyle and influence others through education, outreach, and policy change in our school and community. Whether it’s academics, beliefs, family, or future goals, we encourage other Stevenson students to truly think about their reason (or their “why”) for not using substances. There are so many reasons to live drug-free! What’s Your Why?

Student Announcements

Statesman Gets Serious About Finances

Make sure to grab your Statesman today. Stevenson’s award-winning newspaper is taking an in-depth look at finance with articles that compare finances between school districts and the hidden costs associated with athletics. Statesman also takes a deep look at three often hidden parts of Stevenson: students who receive financial assistance, undocumented students applying to college, and students who use the tech campus at College of Lake County. To visit Statesman’s website, click here.

Learn How To Interview For The College Application Process

Interested in learning tips about how colleges conduct optional interviews? Join the College Career Center for an interview workshop session at 7:45 a.m. on Friday in the West Auditorium. Students who have class can access notes from the session from the CCC’s Canvas page after the event.

Monday Is Payment Deadline For AP Tests

Just a reminder, students who are taking a full-year or first-semester advanced placement course and want to take an AP test in the spring will need to pay for the exam by Monday. To alleviate confusion, please understand that seeing “registered for exam” in your college board account does not mean that you have completed the process. To be fully recognized in the system and to receive a test on the testing day, you must pay (at least partially) for the exam by the Monday deadline. An exam will not be ordered unless the minimum payment of $40 is received first. In order to make at least the minimum payment, please log in to Total Registration system. The full payment of exams, which cost $100 each, is due by March. For more information about ordering AP exams, please refer to an email sent by the Testing Team on Oct. 22.

Patriot Sports News

Education News

Today’s College Students Care About Privacy — Despite Some of Their Online Actions

Today’s college students grew up steeped in social media and the internet, leading some observers to assume that they’re unconcerned about all the data they generate online. But it turns out that young people today care a lot about their data privacy, even though they sometimes act in ways that jeopardize that privacy.

These College Students Were Tired Of Being Catcalled. So They Covered Their Campus With Stories

University of Maryland students used chalk to raise awareness of how catcalling perpetuates a culture of gender-based violence.

The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

Mark your calendars for these events and see the Stevenson Calendar for details on these and future programs.

Nov. 5: Interview Workshop

Nov. 7: Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse Streaming Event

Nov. 8-11: Military Week

Nov. 8-12: LGBTQIA+ Awareness Week

Nov. 9: Career Discovery Night: Careers in Cybersecurity

Nov. 10: Sports Booster Meeting

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