Monday, Jan. 11, 2021

Population Testing: One of Nine Mitigation Strategies at Stevenson
Stevenson will be conducting weekly population testing as one of the mitigation strategies necessary to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 on campus. Population testing, while not a diagnostic test or screener, is a tool to help us understand the potential incidence rates and transmission risk of COVID-19 on campus. We will begin collecting samples this week to get a baseline understanding of the incidence rates before we return to campus.
You can find more information about our population testing program and access the instructions for providing samples on this instruction sheet which is also posted on the COVID-19 webpage.
Samples can be dropped off on one of the following days:

  • Monday, Jan. 11 from 8 a.m – 6 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 12 from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 13 from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

For this week while students are in remote learning, families will drive by and drop completed samples in the collection box in Lot E outside of the Sportscenter. Please use the bus lane to drive up to the Sportscenter. We will have signs to direct you.
Next week when we begin the hybrid schedule, students attending classes in-person will drop their samples on the first day they are on campus for the week at one of our approved entrances, and students learning remotely can drop their samples in the collection box located at Port Clinton by 9 a.m. once a week on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Strings Winter Concert on Tuesday
The Strings Department will showcase the amazing musical work of all guitar and orchestra classes during a virtual concert tomorrow, Jan. 12, at 7 p.m. Tune in to see the best and brightest of our strings program in the debut of their first semester recording projects! The Vimeo link for this event will be posted on our Fine Arts Events webpage prior to the event.

VEX Robotics Team Organizes Online STEM Workshops
Seven members of the Stevenson sophomore VEX Robotics team organized two workshops for middle school students in December.
During these two-hour workshops, participants were introduced to CAD and coding concepts and were guided through interactive demonstrations. Many of the participants who attended the event said that they loved being in the event and learned a lot. Over 200 middle school students signed up and over 170 middle school students participated in either of the STEMCrashCourse workshops.
The VEX team created a website, Google sign-up forms, contacted schools, created flyers, and created an in-depth curriculum for both coding and CAD. Through these events, the VEX Team hoped to provide exposure to STEM ideas that are not always available to middle school students.
The organizers of these events were sophomores Ella Brody, Shreekar Earanti, Stephen Freihammer, Ali Hussain, Anish Nadella, Eesha Santosh; and junior Shreeya Ryali.


Second Semester Online Tutoring
Students can access updated virtual academic tutoring links for second semester on the website at the bottom of the COVID-10 Updates webpage and the Tutoring Support Programs webpage.


All IHSA sports remain paused.


The Waiting Game for High School Student-Athletes
The waiting game continues for high school athletes in Illinois and many athletes are resorting to other games to stay active as they keep hopes alive for their seasons to begin.

Teachers Integrate Historic US Events in Classroom Discussions and Activities
Students have witnessed numerous historic events during the past year and teachers across the country have found themselves explaining events, correcting misinformation and including current events into their lesson plans.

CPS Teachers Must Report to Work to be Paid
Last week, less than 65% of the 4,300 school-based Chicago Public School employees reported for work. CPS indicated that teachers who do not come to work as scheduled will not be paid going forward.

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