Thursday, Dec. 10, 2020

Prominent Patriot Awards: Winter 2020
Each semester, faculty, staff and students are given an opportunity to nominate a current student for a Prominent Patriot Award. This award recognizes students whose actions reflect those of someone with good character and who demonstrate what it means to be a good citizen of the Stevenson community.
This semester, more than 50 students were nominated for this award. We have showcased some of the award winners on Instagram this week including:
Senior Emery Etzel
Senior Lindsey Grant
Senior Jared Heichman
Sophomore Hailey Langer
Senior Drew Wangard
Junior Rachel Wise
Junior Noah Zelkin
Tomorrow, Dec. 11, we will announce additional award recipients who have been selected among this semester’s honorees to have their names engraved on the Prominent Patriot Statuette. That announcement will be made on Instagram, in the e-Minuteman, and will be published here next week.
Congratulations to these honorees and to all students who show a commitment to others!


Latest Edition of the Stevenson Styler
The 22nd edition of the Stevenson Styler Magazine has been published. Club members and students in Business of Fashion and Design classes have researched the newest fashion trends, gift-giving tips and much more for this edition.
 On the cover of this season’s e-magazine are Megan Leissner and Daniella Fiembaum who were photographed by Stacey Gavenda. The sponsor of the Stevenson Styler Club is Family and Consumer Education teacher Christina Erickson and the club can be followed on Instagram.

Students Invited to Apply to Speak at SHS TEDx Event
On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, Stevenson will hold its third annual TEDx event. This event will be student-run and led, and passionate students are invited to apply to speak on any topic or idea they want to share. These applications are due by Dec. 31. Students who are accepted to participate will be contacted with a timeline of the preparation process and presentation guide.


Stevenson winter sports teams have paused their in-person practices as recommended by the Illinois High School Association and Governor Pritzker.


A Socially Engaging Alternative to Zoom
The video conferencing platform Zoom has enabled schools to provide education online during the pandemic however many users have cited difficulties adjusting to the platform and have reported a “lack of engaging in-class experience. In response to these difficulties, a university professor helped create a new video conferencing platform that emulates an in-person classroom that allows teachers and students to interact online like they would in an in-person setting.

Connecticut to Require Black and Latino Studies in Fall of 2022
Beginning in the fall of 2022, Connecticut will be the first state in the nation to require high schools to offer African-American, Black, Puerto Rican and Latino studies. Although high schools will be required to offer this content, students will not be required to take these elective courses.

High School Football Teams in Illinois Border Towns Feeling the Divide
There are only eight miles that separate Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Zion, Illinois yet the difference is vast this year for high school football players in both towns. While players in Illinois have had their high school season postponed until spring, all states that border Illinois – Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri played football this fall.


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