Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020

Dance Out of the Box
Students taking Concert Dance don’t need a stage to perform self-choreographed pieces. Class members recently completed a series of episodes featuring student solos which can be viewed on the SHS Mediacast platform:
Out of the Box Site-Specific Solos Episode 1
Featuring senior Elli Freeman, junior Shayna Jann, and sophomores Zoe FleddermanLauren Lee and Zoey Silver.
Out of the Box Site-Specific Solos Episode 2
With performances by seniors Isabel Perlin and Katie Wu, and juniors Julia Goberman and Taylor Jensen.
Out of the Box Site-Specific Solos Episode 3
Performed by seniors Ella van Gerven and Ellie Jayne, junior Alyssa Marie Magsino, and sophomore Ella Brody.
Out of the Box Site-Specific Solos Episode 4
With appearances by seniors Juliette Koskela, Jessica Goldvekht and Jocelyn Silk, and juniors Maggie Feldstein and Angelina Yan.
Concert Dance is a full-year dance course open to sophomores and juniors who have taken Dance 4 and seniors who have completed Dance 3 or 4. In this course, student-dancers integrate dynamic qualities, technical skills and individual style to produce innovative choreography for performance under the instruction of Dance teachers Tiffany Van Cleaf and Janet Rothwell.

A Commitment to Others
Every year, Stevenson students and families demonstrate their commitment to others through charitable acts and giving. For those in our community who are interested in helping others on this Giving Tuesday, there are two active campaigns needing contributions.
This is the 36th year Stevenson Families will be spreading holiday cheer to Lake County families. Although the window to sign-up to donate gifts has passed, you can still provide a monetary donation through the Stevenson Superstore which will be used to help local families in need. Families can also sign-up to drop off food and baby items on Saturday, Dec. 5.
Stevenson: One Family
The Stevenson Foundation assists students throughout the year and has been providing meals and assistance to financially fragile Patriot families. Currently, they are accepting online donations and in-kind grocery donations to help stock the Exceptional Learners Collaborative Food Pantry. Food donations can be dropped off on all school days from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and donation boxes are located at the building doors. If you are delivering food that must be kept cold, please ring the doorbell, and someone will receive your donation at the door. The ELC is located at 990 Corporate Woods Parkway in Vernon Hills.
Thank you Patriot families for your generosity and for continuing to show your commitment to others!


Virtual Tutoring Hours This Week
Tomorrow, Dec. 2 is a scheduled Check-in Day with students participating in asynchronous learning. Virtual tutoring will be available from 7 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
On Thursday, Dec. 3 students will be following a late arrival schedule with classes beginning at 10:30 a.m. In order for tutors to be able to be part of the professional development experiences that day, the Virtual Information Learning Center will be open for tutoring from 9:30 am. – 5:30 p.m. Please check the tutoring Canvas pages for specific tutor availability.


Mandatory Meeting for Freshmen Involved in Winter Sports
Stevenson Athletes will hold a Virtual Winter Sports Mandatory Information Meeting for all freshmen involved in a winter sport this season tomorrow, Dec. 3, from 9:45 – 10:15 a.m. This is a late arrival day so the meeting will be held before school.
Invitations for this event were emailed to student-athletes last week. Attendance will be taken at the meeting which will be held via Zoom.


Colleges Serving an Increasingly Diverse Student Body with a New Network
A network of 17 colleges recently released a model that will help institutions support lifelong learning, support learners with prior experiences and current obligations, and meet the needs of students who seek to learn in a variety of settings. The forum which created this model recognizes the impact of the pandemic and the heightened need for colleges to develop policies that serve diverse learners.

Student Podcast Challenge Open to More Students
National Public Radio has hosted a Student Podcast Challenge for the past two years for students in grades 5-12. This year, the contest is open to college students. The college edition will run from Dec. 1 – Feb. 15, and the middle school and high school edition begins on Jan. 1.

Student-Athletes and Coaches Improvise to Stay in Shape
After winter sports seasons were paused last month, student-athletes and their coaches have devised creative ways to stay in shape and in good form at home.

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