Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020

Free Webinars for Parents and Guardians
Parents and guardians are invited to attend free virtual programs as part of the Patriot Family Programming series including these webinars which will be held today:
What to do When You are All Together!
Today at 4:00 p.m.
Wiser: The Scientific Roots of Wisdom, Compassion, and What Makes Us Good
(Stevenson co-sponsored event hosted by the Family Action Network)
Tonight at 7 p.m.
Webinar descriptions can be found on the Patriot Family Programming page along with links to future programs and recordings of prior events.


Dance Leadership Applications Due Dec. 1
Students who have successfully completed Dance 3 or higher are eligible to apply to be a Dance Leader. Interested students are invited to join this Google Classroom page. As a reminder, the entire application, including recommendations, is due no later than Tuesday, Dec. 1. Questions should be directed to Dance Teacher Mrs. Dauphin.


Just in time for holiday gift giving! The Stevenson Sideline Store is having a holiday promotion and orders placed by Nov. 25 using the code HOLIDAY20 will receive a 20% price reduction on the entire order.
In addition to Stevenson apparel, the Sideline Store now offers wall decals that can be customized.


Librarians are an Important Resource During School Closures
While only a fraction of school district libraries being fully operational, many librarians have become a valuable resource for remote technology assistance and for some, their roles now include curating books for homebound students and helping students and teachers make the most of online learning platforms.

Bridging the Technology Gap with SpaceX
A school district in Texas is reaching for the stars by partnering with SpaceX to provide broadband service to families with poor or no internet access.

Using Public Broadcasting Television Stations for Virtual Learning
In an effort to assist students who are learning virtually, public broadcasting television stations in Indiana are preparing to use TV signals to provide a form of internet service for students who don’t have access at home.

A Question of Privacy with Automated Proctoring Services
A current question in some higher education circles is whether universities should use video recordings of students taking exams remotely via their webcams to deter or identify potential cheating. Some students are pushing back arguing that remote proctoring tools are an invasion of privacy and increase text anxiety and stress.

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