Friday, Nov. 6, 2020

Go “Behind the Screens” with Fine Arts
The Fine Arts Department has prepared a “Behind the Screens” video to showcase the artwork, classwork and rehearsal activity of the talented students involved in Fine Arts courses, events, and productions during October 2020 Remote Learning+. Kudos to the students and faculty for bringing art into our homes!

Forty-Five Musicians Qualify for ILMEA Music Festival
Stevenson High School’s Music department had 45 students qualify for the highly competitive Illinois Music Education Association District 7 Music Festival which will be held virtually this year on Nov. 21.
Patriot selections for Band include Jennifer An (Sophomore, Clarinet) Justin Chung (Junior, Alto Saxophone) Samuel Goldberg (Senior, Tuba) Gwyneth Graham (Junior, Clarinet) Yumin Kim (Senior, Flute) Brandon Li (Junior, Clarinet) Advik Natesh (Junior, Euphonium) Trinity Shin (Sophomore, Flute) Aishwarya Sundar (Senior, Contra-Bass Clarinet) and Renee Zhuang (Junior, Flute)
The Choir selectees include Mahitha Chaturvedula (Junior, Alto II) Anuha Jalasutram (Junior, Alto II) Rebecca Muise (Senior, Alto I) Arjun Nair (Sophomore, Tenor I) Lillian Tang (Senior, Soprano II) Stella Tapia Lopez (Junior, Alto I) Jordan Winkelman (Junior, Soprano I) and Shawn Zhu (Senior, Bass I)
For OrchestraSebastian Ellis (Junior, Cello) Angela Guo (Freshman, Violin) Dylan Ivanov (Junior, Viola) Eileen Kang (Junior, Cello) Logan Kim (Freshman, Cello) Jessie Kim (Senior, Viola) Julie Kim (Sophomore, Viola) Bella Kim (Senior, Viola) Ruth Kim (Sophomore, Violin) Aden Krakman (Senior, Trombone) Jenny Lee (Sophomore, Cello) Eileen Li (Freshman, Violin) Helen Qian (Freshman, Violin) Luke Reaume (Sophomore, Double Bass) Vaishnavi Sankar (Sophomore, Double Bass) Adina Shaikh (Senior, Percussion) Rachel Shin (Freshman, Violin) Nivedha Vasanth (Junior, Trombone) Rosie Wang (Junior, Flute) Linda Wang (Junior, Violin) Maristella Yim (Senior, Cello) Vincenzo Zuppardo (Sophomore, Violin)
Selectees for Jazz Band l include Yahav Mangel (Senior, Trombone) and Brady Rivkin (Junior, Trombone. For Jazz Band ll, Thomas Zaucha (Senior, Bari Saxophone) was selected. Adam Hunt (Sophomore, Trumpet) was selected for Jazz Band III and for Jazz Band IV, Nina Hoek (Senior, Alto Saxophone) was selected.


Military Week Begins on Monday, Nov. 9, 2020
The Stevenson College Career Center will host a virtual Military Week 2020 beginning on Monday, Nov. 9, 2020. Students were sent an email with the schedule and Zoom links for virtual sessions planned including:
  • Military Week Overview Session: Monday, Nov. 9, during 4th, 5th or 6th period
  • U S Naval Academy: Tuesday, Nov. 10, 5th period
  • US Army Reserves: Tuesday, Nov. 10, 6th period
  • US Army: Wednesday, Nov. 11, 4th period
  • ROTC (Loyola University Chicago): Wednesday, Nov. 11, 5th period
  • US Army ROTC/US Military Academy at West Point: Thursday, Nov. 12, 5th period
  • US Marine Corps: Friday, Nov. 13, 4th period

Juniors and seniors can attend all sessions. Students in all grade levels can attend one of Monday’s overview sessions but only during their lunch periods. Sophomores who are interested in learning about the Academies are welcome to attend Academy sessions.
Students must ask their teacher for permission at least two days in advance to attend any session during a scheduled class.

Tutoring Hours for Monday, Nov. 9
Online tutoring will be closed on Monday, Nov. 9 from 7:30 – 8:30 a.m and will resume after that time period for the rest of the day as outlined on the Tutoring Support Programs page.

Thespian Honor Society Cabaret Fundraiser
On Friday, Nov. 13, Stevenson faculty and students inducted into the International Thespian Honor Society will host a live performance for the community on Zoom to raise money for sponsored families for Give-a-Thon. Performances range from vocal pieces, sketch comedy, scenes and dance.
Audience members are asked to consider a donation of $5-10 and opportunities to donate will be available throughout the performance via a link in the chat of the webinar.


Answers to Frequently Asked Athletics Questions
A modified fall sports season just concluded and the first day for girls bowling, boys bowling, girls gymnastics, boys swimming and diving, boys fencing, girls fencing, competitive cheerleading, competitive dance, student athletic training, and allied spirit are scheduled to begin on Nov. 16.
The deadline to register for winter sports is on Nov. 9.
Answers to frequently asked questions by student-athletes and Patriot families have been developed by the Stevenson Athletic Department to help families prepare for the winter sports season.
Families of fall sport student-athletes are encouraged to mark their calendars for a virtual Fall Sports Awards night on Nov. 10. A link to view this program will be published on the calendar next week.


Physical Education Teacher Has Unexpected Students Auditing Classes
Some parents don’t need to have a conference with their student’s teachers to understand classroom expectations. The parents of an Illinois PE teacher knows this first-hand as she sees parents and even siblings also participating in online classes.

Lake County Schools Receive Same Grades on Annual State Report Card
The Illinois State Board of Education kept the grading designation the same as a year ago for all state public schools and districts because critical information was unavailable due to the pandemic. Advanced coursework is among a few areas on the 2020 report card not impacted by the pandemic and the data shows higher participation of high school students in college and career preparation courses.

Rural Communities use Creativity to Help Low-Income Students
A Pew Research Center survey released in March showed that students in cities, rural areas and towns were less likely to use the internet for homework each day compared to students attending suburban schools. Administrators at some rural schools worked to overcome the lack of 1:1 technology during remote learning by creating community hotspots and learning hubs to engage with students during the pandemic.

A Timeline of how COVID-19 has Impacted High School Sports in Illinois
It began on March 12 when the Illinois High School Association canceled the boys basketball state tournament. Additional changes to the Illinois high school sports scene have continued almost eight months later.

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