Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020

Upcoming Webinar for Parents, Guardians and Students
As mentioned in our recent email communications to students and parents, we will be hosting a webinar for students, guardians and parents on Monday, Nov. 9 at 7:00 p.m. We continue to spend a considerable amount of time developing various frameworks for in-person teaching and learning during the second semester. At the Nov. 9 webinar, we will provide an update on this work. To access the webinar, click here.


Application for 2021-22 Dance Leaders
Students who have successfully completed Dance 3 or higher are eligible to apply to be a Dance Leader. The Dance Leadership Program is a 1-year commitment and this class is a Fine Arts elective credit that can be used to fulfill a PE requirement.
As with other student leader programs within Stevenson High School, students are asked to submit teacher recommendations. Faculty recommendations are due by Friday, Nov. 20, and the entire application, including recommendations, is due no later than Tuesday, Dec. 1. To apply, students should join this Google Classroom page and questions can be directed to Mrs. Dauphin at


Patriot student-athletes were not involved in scheduled contests yesterday.


Education Technology Raises Funds to Close Gender and Diversity Gap in STEM
A female-led startup company has developed a support program for college students and adults by connecting them to mentorships, online group tutoring and personalized study tools with the goal to increase diversity in STEM fields.

Uncertainty Over Extension of Federal Student Loan Payment Suspension
As part of the CARES Act, federal student loan payments are currently suspended through Dec. 31. It is unclear if there will be a student debt suspension in any proposed stimulus package.

Apprenticeship Program for Indianapolis High School Students
A new apprenticeship program announced this week will enable high school sophomores in six Indianapolis districts and charter schools to graduate with college credits, job credentials, and professional experience.

Pro Athletes Working to Launch Blended Education Programs for Non-Traditional Students
Several professional athletes are working in partnership with an online academy for students in grades 7-12 along with industry experts who serve as master teachers. This blended education model is designed for students on non-traditional paths.

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